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The Brand Explorer is a 3-part roadmap for your business. We start with an in-depth interview to really get to know your business – where you started, where you are now, your goals and aspirations. Then we'll lay out your ideal brand lift-off – exactly what makes you rise above and stand out from the dozens of other people who's business looks super similar to yours (on the surface). The final piece is the action plan – the path that will set you apart with a brand and messaging that truly lands with your audience.

You can implement the plan yourself, or sit back and relax – we got you! Work with us and the price of your Brand Explorer gets applied to the Brand Adventure Package of your choice.

Cost: $399

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Step 2:
Brand Adventure Packages

Once we complete your Brand Explorer, we'll know what makes your brand stand out and the path we need to take to get you there. Based on the findings in the Explorer and your specific brand needs, we’ll recommend strategies that will take you on one of these three journeys. 

The Roadtrip

Just getting started? The Roadtrip Package will give you the essential tools to hit the ground running so you can start making a killer impression on your ideal clients right away. This often includes a font logo design, single-page website design & launch, and basic brand materials – such as business cards and social media profiles/covers – to start putting your best foot forward in-person and online. 

Average travel time: 1 week

Cost: $2,700*

*Cost of Brand Explorer is applied to this package

The Brand Passport

With this package, you’re getting everything you need to make sure that your brand is speaking to your audience in a genuine way that keeps them coming back for more! Typically included in this package is a full brand strategy, 4-6 page website design & launch, social media profiles/covers and templates, business cards, and possibly other solutions based on your Brand Explorer.

Average travel time: 2 weeks

Cost: $6,750*

*Cost of Brand Explorer is applied to this package

The Jetsetter

Ready to really turn some heads with your brand?! The Jetsetter is our first-class, “here’s your glass of champagne before takeoff” experience. You’ll get a similar Brand Passport experience – but totally elevated – plus additional elements that could include custom website integrations (blog, e-commerce, etc.), a fully-formed marketing funnel with custom lead magnet, email newsletter setup, and/or a 30-day content strategy. 

Average travel time: 3-4 weeks

Cost: $9,750*

*Cost of Brand Explorer is applied to this package

Ready to get started? Book a call to see if the Brand Explorer is a good fit for your business.