Avenue E Advisors
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Avenue E Advisors

Branding + Wordpress Development


Whitney, the founder of Avenue E Advisors, came to Mile End to help establish and launch a new brand so that she could have a direct, personal impact on nonprofit, education, and social impact organizations. She is committed to working with people who want to do good, at organizations that strive to do good, and she needed a brand and website to represent that passion.


Starting completely from scratch, Mile End Digital established a complete brand identity for Avenue E Advisors, as well as a strategy for how to position the company as the best choice for their ideal clients' organizations. Utilizing a single-page website with an automated calendar scheduler, Whitney is now able to send potential clients to her website to directly book time with her. She also has a premium, professional brand that can stand up against the larger companies in her industry, ensuring she can compete and charge top dollar for her valuable services.

Project Components

  • Visual brand identity: custom logo, fonts, color palette
  • Designed, built, and launched website
  • Calendar scheduler integration and setup
  • Business cards and email signature

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