Hey, I'm Erika.

As a fellow entrepreneur and Difference Maker, I understand the courage it took for you to not just start a business, but to start one with a purpose.

That’s why I want to empower you to make your business the best it can possibly be. 

I want more Difference Makers to know that success is not just for the lucky or for the privileged. Success is something that you can build strategically – and yes, you absolutely can achieve it if you have the right tools in your back pocket.

A purpose-driven brand and website are those essential tools you need to propel your mission to the next level of impact and visibility. 

Why does visibility matter?

Visibility is directly tied to your impact. If people can’t see you, they can’t buy from you, and they can't support the good work you're doing in the world. You want to make sure you’re representing your mission as powerfully as possible, so that you maximize your opportunities to grow your impact. 

And what’s good for you is also good for other hopeful entrepreneurs out there. Together, we can help redefine the face of the “successful entrepreneur.” 

The modern successful business owner is not just about profits, but about making a difference – it’s me, it’s you, and it’s the next generation taking their cues from us now.

Erika Stanley brand photo for Mile End Digital

What Does “MILE END” Mean?

(For those who are curious…)

As a college student I got to study abroad one semester in London – and the first day I arrived in my new neighborhood, I got off at the tube stop called “Mile End.”  This vibrant neighborhood was a melting pot of cultures, experiences, and stories that opened my eyes to the richness of our diverse world.

Every day in Mile End was a lesson in the power of diversity and the potential for change when we come together. This spirit of unity in diversity is what I bring to my work with Difference Makers like you.

Just as Mile End was a hub of diverse cultures, I see your mission-driven business as a hub of positive change. Each of you brings a unique perspective and a powerful drive to make a difference. And just as I found a sense of home in the diversity of Mile End, I believe that your audiences too will find a sense of belonging in the inclusive, impactful communities you are building. 

Every day “Mile End” is my reminder that the world is big, broad, and beautiful – and that life is its best when we all come together and share our experiences. 

Ready to Get Noticed?

Ready to Get Noticed?

Ready to Get Noticed?

Ready to Get Noticed?

Ready to Get Noticed?

Ready to Get Noticed

5 Things Every Successful Brand Is Doing

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Most marketers believe in quality over quantity
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