How I Work

You are my top priority focus while we are working together so that your project is completed as efficiently as possible. That's why I choose to only work with one client at a time.

I build brands in 1-3 days of your time, thanks to the intensive process I use. If you are eager to get the brand you need without wasting time or money, this process is for you. 

There are 2 steps to us working together.

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step 01

Your Success Roadmap

This is a 3-part roadmap to support you in building the thriving business you know you’re meant to have. We start with an in-depth interview to really get to know your business – where you started, where you are now, and what your goals and aspirations are for the future. Then we’ll give you specific insights about what your business needs to stand out from all the other businesses that are similar to yours. The final piece is the action plan: clear recommendations that tell you what your brand and message need to be so that they land with your audience. 

You have the option to implement the plan yourself or hire me to do it with you. 

– $499 –

Not sure if this is right for you?
Book a call with me to figure it out.
step 02

Brand Visibility Packages

Based on what we figure out you need in the Success Roadmap, I will then recommend one of these packages for you:

Visibility Trailblazer

This package will give you the essential tools you need so you can start making a killer impression on your ideal audience and customers.

This may include a new font logo design, a core website, foundational brand materials such as business cards, a new email signature, and templates that refresh your social media presence – so you can put your best foot forward in-person and online.

*Cost of Success Roadmap is applied to this.

Visibility Maverick

With this package, you’re getting everything you need to make sure your brand speaks to your audience in a genuine way that keeps them coming back for more.

This may include a new font logo design, a fully designed and automated website, email templates, upgraded brand materials such as new business cards, templates to refresh your social media presence, and other custom solutions based on your Success Roadmap. 

*Cost of Success Roadmap is applied to this.

Visibility Powerhouse

Ready to really turn some heads with your brand?! This a fully-supported, deluxe experience that gives you everything you need so your business can thrive.

This package may include a new font logo design, a more complex website with custom integrations (such as a blog or e-commerce functionality), an email marketing funnel with lead magnet, and other custom solutions based on your Success Roadmap. 

*Cost of Success Roadmap is applied to this.

Ready to start making moves?

Book a call to see if the Success Roadmap is a good fit for your business.

Business Starter Package

Just getting started? I have a package for you too.

My semi-custom brand package will give you the basics in just 1 day, so you can hit the ground running and launch that business of your dreams!

Does not include the Success Roadmap
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