Dr. Emy Tafelski
Emy Tafelski brand photo, laughing at bar table

Dr. Emy Tafelski

Branding, Squarespace Development, Brand Photoshoot


Emy Tafelski, a dynamic spiritual guide and former therapist, approached Mile End Digital to create a brand that resonates with her unapologetically bold and soul-based approach to healing. Emy's former branding was too narrow, focusing on healing from loss which often translated to grief. She wanted a major shift to reflect her authentic self and reach women who feel constrained by societal expectations.


Mile End Digital redefined Emy's brand to embody her spirit as a badass spiritual rebel. We crafted a powerful new brand identity that mirrors her transformative approach, enabling Emy to attract women seeking a deeper connection with their authentic selves. By designing a vibrant new website and a clarified message, Emy now successfully connects with those who are not just looking for change but are ready to break free from societal molds.

Project Components: 

  • Full brand identity, messaging, positioning
  • Squarespace website design and launch
  • Content strategy, social media templates and content training
  • Lead magnet development with email automations
  • Brand styling and photoshoot

Brand Visibility Package: 

Brand Explorer Roadmap + Mission Maverick Package

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