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Elevate Your Impact.

Amplify Your Success with a Purpose-Driven Brand & Website

In this era of change, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and businesses with a cause are stepping up to make a difference. They are not just chasing profits, but are driven by a purpose – to give back to the community, to uplift the marginalized, and to create a better world.

I believe that visibility – showcasing your mission and sharing your impact with the world – is the key to inspiring others and amplifying your success.

YES, we all deserve to be seen, be heard, and be successful!

Hey, I’m Erika.
I’m here to be your ally in building that impactful business you know you’re meant to have.

Running a purpose-driven business takes a lot of work – more than most of us let on. And let’s be real, you didn’t start this business to work 80 hours a week and never take a vacation. 

You became an entrepreneur because you wanted to run a lucrative business and live a life of freedom on your own terms. 

I love to help ambitious small-business owners like you understand your opportunities for growth, and get the standout brand and website you need to take your business to the next level. 

Are you looking for a smart, sustainable path to success? 

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Love From Clients

"I had such a great experience working with Erika at Mile End Digital. She was able to capture my request for a “whimsy yet professional” brand and build out elements that felt very true to my business.

She takes her time through the Brand Roadmap portion of her services to get to know your business, and asks questions that you maybe hadn’t yet challenged yourself with. I am so pleased with the work she did, and glad I made the call to get started!"

Tori McGee

Children's Author,

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Erika on several projects – from social media marketing and online advertising to full website design and development projects – and she always delivers!

Erika goes the extra mile and is such a pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Dawna Stone

Founder, Women's Half Marathon & Women's Running Magazine

“Erika was amazing to work with.

She listened to my needs and was able to produce a website that was easy to navigate and looked great in a short amount of time.

I felt completely heard throughout the process, and I got an even better site than what I envisioned. Everything she did exceeded my expectations.”

Amber Wilkinson

Director, LaGrange Montessori

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How I Work

I build standout brands in 1-3 days of your time, thanks to the unique intensive process I use.

Curious about how you can get what you need without wasting time or money?

Ready to Get Noticed?

Ready to Get Noticed?

Ready to Get Noticed?

Ready to Get Noticed?

Ready to Get Noticed?

Ready to Get Noticed

5 Things Every Successful Brand Is Doing

... and you should be doing too!

Download the free guide and learn what successful brands ALL have in common – and what you should learn from them.

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Most marketers believe in quality over quantity
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