St Pete Pride
St Pete Pride 2 happy gay people

St Pete Pride

Branding + Webflow Development


Going into its 20th year, St Pete Pride needed a new brand and website in order to attract bigger sponsorship dollars and to show the community their true commitment to inclusivity and intersectionality.


Mile End Digital created a stand-out new brand to reflect how St Pete Pride is evolving and moving in a more intentional direction – in its programming, its creative, and its positioning within the community of St Pete. Every single touchpoint was built to reflect this new direction – from the overall messaging to the very first impression we’re making with website.

Project Components

  • New brand guidelines
  • Development a new mission statement.
  • Designed, built, and launched a new website
  • Volunteer, sponsorship, and e-commerce custom integrations

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Brannding for The Magnolias, Lagrange, GA
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