Josh Orr
desert nighttime image for josh orr, brand and design by Mile End Digital

Josh Orr

Branding + Squarespace Development


Josh Orr, a seasoned ghostwriter with a passion for stories that make a difference, approached Mile End Digital to create a brand that embodies his mission-driven approach to ghostwriting for neurodivergent minds and leaders in social impact and creative fields.


In just one day, Mile End Digital established a vibrant brand identity and single page Squarespace website for Josh, aligning his ghostwriting services with his values of authenticity and empathy. This transformation allows Josh to launch his business and effectively engage with his target audience of leaders and creatives who value depth in storytelling.  

Project Components

  • Visual brand identity: custom logo, fonts, color palette
  • Designed, built, and launched Squarespace website
  • Business card and LinkedIn profile designs

Brand Visibility Package:

Brand Explorer Roadmap + Business Starter Package

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Erika and Dirk in Capri, Italy
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Most marketers believe in quality over quantity
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Graphic: 4 reasons to ut your personal values out there as a biz owner