Blu Luxe Island
Blu Luxe woman laughing in bubble bath

Blu Luxe Island

Branding + Ecommerce Website


Blu Luxe Island, an all-natural bath products shop in downtown St. Pete, needed a standout brand and website to differentiate itself from other local competition and also give customers the opportunity to shop online for their favorite products.


Mile End Digital utilized a piece of their existing logo – the purple pineapple, which had been created by one of the founder's daughters – as inspiration for a new, elevated brand identity that speaks to the fun and high-end quality of their products. We then designed a brand new website, making it easy to sell products to their customers online. Finally, we set them up with an email template to promote sales and events to their email list.

Project Components

  • Visual brand identity: custom logo, fonts, color palette
  • Designed, built, and launched a new website
  • Ecommerce integration and setup
  • Branded email templates

Brand Visibility Package: 

Brand Explorer Roadmap + Mission Maverick Package

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